…finally an update!!!

Well as I finally make time to look at my blog it’s a surpise (or not) to see that it’s been almost 19 months since the last entry!!  Whoops.  Life certainly has been full since March of last year.

The gorgeously perfect Isla made a late entry into the world in March last year and life has been a fast moving event ever since.  The past 18 months really has had it all….including quite a lot of work!!

So here’s a look at a some of the work I’ve been up to (aside from mother of 4)…………

A new business customer of mine has come up with a fantastic idea for children’s themed parties.  Stuck for an idea or just want to make any child’s dream party come true Littelchair is the place to go.  It was truly a magical day spent setting up beautiful parties…there’s one to suit every child.  Here’s a sample below but if inclined visit www.littlechair.com.au for more ideas.

The past 12 months has seen an interesting shift in some of my work.  I was approached to do some school photography and I made an application, and was successful, to take on some kinder photos.  Certainly very different from some of the creative photography that I’m used to but definitely challenging in lots of other ways.  A snapshot of the results….

The gorgeous trio of Lenny, Luci and now Pippa – lit up the studio with their infectious smiles and obvious love of one another…especially Lenny and Luci…..a very special bond indeed.


Another past family back to show off their new addition………..and what a cute addition he was. Lots of laughs and giggles…..making my job a walk in the park!!!!

On a sunny November day I welcomed a new family into my world.  Not afraid to rumble and tumble and laugh the whole way through, these children were absolute treasures as you can see from the smiles on their faces…….

I love it when a large group, especially when it’s family, book in.  I feel so blessed to be a part of their memory making.  Photos like these will hopefully be treasured for generations to come as a moment in time captured for all time to come.  They were such a lovely family with beautiful children all with very special bonds and friendships….a pure delight……and years of hard work to be proud of…well done.


Some new gorgeous faces to put in front of the camera – a sunny, bright day to photograph two bright little faces.  A recipe for success…….

Another past client back in the studio with the latest range of hats.  A must for every little head this winter……www.acornkids.com.au

All photographs © Copyright Anna Ryan Photographer 2020