February 18th, 2014

Hello…after a long period of silence (again!) I thought it was time to post an update.  It was just this morning I was chatting to another (newly found) fellow lover of photography, about social media and blogs, and I said the words out loud that I hadn’t updated my blog since August 2012 – whoops!!  But in the middle of then and now was 2013..and didn’t it live up to it’s name?  I’m not sorry to wave goodbye to the big ’13’ – it came and went leaving a trail of destruction.  Looking back on the year now I can see that I did capture some of the happy moments in peoples lives and I saw many old faces return with new faces to introduce – so perhaps it wasn’t all bad!  Here’s a little snap shot of some of the things I saw…….

A gorgeous little blue bundle arrived early in 2013 and I was lucky enough to capture these images when he was just 11 days old…a little treasure (from all reports he’s into everything now – on the go, almost 1) – he’s coming back for more fun in the studio in May…stay tuned!!


Tom 2 8X12


Two cool little indians had fun in the studio – what child doesn’t like to dress up?  These are stunning costumes, for information about stockists contact – http://www.simoneagency.com.au/home


I had many familiar faces return to the studio some with new children and some just with bigger children than last time – it’s always lovely to see how much the kids have grown and what exciting things they’re up to.  Here’s a family I’ve seen three years in a row, each time in a new location – we had fun as always…


It’s always exciting to meet a new family – the nervous anticipation about whether they’ll like having their photo taken, whether they’ll respond to me or whether it will all just run like clockwork…..in November I had the pleasure of meeting a new family with 3 gorgeously cheeky children….here are the results.




I had the pleasure of meeting another gorgeous tiny bundle – who just would not go to sleep.  Perhaps he was afraid he’d miss something….my brief for the shoot was flexible except for one image.  Here it is below…watch this space in 15 years, who knows maybe he’ll play for Australia!!!


Towards the end of the year I was surprised by the number of calls I had from families wanting a Christmas photo.  Not your usual photo, to send out with the Christmas cards, but a photo captured while celebrating Christmas…2013 was a year for family members living overseas to come home for Christmas.  Here are a few groups, all travelled many miles to be together at Christmas time, precious moments captured forever…


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that I feel an enormous amount of responsibility capturing precious memories for people – I particularly love capturing family groups, Mum and Dad with their child and grandchildren.  They are moments and memories that have taken years of hard work and effort to create – a happy, loving family is one of the most prized possessions…this family was no exception….


Another business customer returned with her new season of fantastic raincoats, gumboots and pinafores – look out for her stock in store this winter, you can find out more info about stockists at http://overcrawls.com



So that brings us up to February 2014 – the year has started at full speed – kids back to school and all their extra circular activities and business clients under the pump to get their catalogues ready for the intense selling period.  So the year is shaping up to be busy and fun and full – hopefully it will be an exciting year with a new studio and office space for me…still working on that but fingers crossed!! Here’s just a couple of images I took last week for my long standing client Fiona – creater and producer of amazing hats – http://www.acornkids.com.au

black hat series IMG_7646 IMG_7471


…finally an update!!!

August 30th, 2012

Well as I finally make time to look at my blog it’s a surpise (or not) to see that it’s been almost 19 months since the last entry!!  Whoops.  Life certainly has been full since March of last year.

The gorgeously perfect Isla made a late entry into the world in March last year and life has been a fast moving event ever since.  The past 18 months really has had it all….including quite a lot of work!!

So here’s a look at a some of the work I’ve been up to (aside from mother of 4)…………

A new business customer of mine has come up with a fantastic idea for children’s themed parties.  Stuck for an idea or just want to make any child’s dream party come true Littelchair is the place to go.  It was truly a magical day spent setting up beautiful parties…there’s one to suit every child.  Here’s a sample below but if inclined visit www.littlechair.com.au for more ideas.

The past 12 months has seen an interesting shift in some of my work.  I was approached to do some school photography and I made an application, and was successful, to take on some kinder photos.  Certainly very different from some of the creative photography that I’m used to but definitely challenging in lots of other ways.  A snapshot of the results….

The gorgeous trio of Lenny, Luci and now Pippa – lit up the studio with their infectious smiles and obvious love of one another…especially Lenny and Luci…..a very special bond indeed.


Another past family back to show off their new addition………..and what a cute addition he was. Lots of laughs and giggles…..making my job a walk in the park!!!!

On a sunny November day I welcomed a new family into my world.  Not afraid to rumble and tumble and laugh the whole way through, these children were absolute treasures as you can see from the smiles on their faces…….

I love it when a large group, especially when it’s family, book in.  I feel so blessed to be a part of their memory making.  Photos like these will hopefully be treasured for generations to come as a moment in time captured for all time to come.  They were such a lovely family with beautiful children all with very special bonds and friendships….a pure delight……and years of hard work to be proud of…well done.


Some new gorgeous faces to put in front of the camera – a sunny, bright day to photograph two bright little faces.  A recipe for success…….

Another past client back in the studio with the latest range of hats.  A must for every little head this winter……www.acornkids.com.au

The end for now…..

February 3rd, 2011

After a lovely relaxing month at the seaside it was back to work for one weekend.  Now that’s it done work can take a backseat while the focus shifts to the tiny baby due in a few short weeks.  I look forward to the break but I’m sure I will be keen to get back behind the lens later in the year.  Till then happy snapping.

Melanie and Matt really did an amazing job in orchestrating a stunning day on the Mornington Peninsula for their late January wedding.  A beautiful setting and a perfect day all round….

For the final sitting I met with three gorgeous children in the parklands on a hot hot January day – a very nice way to end….

Merry Christmas 2010..

February 3rd, 2011

The crazy season!!!

February 3rd, 2011

December began with a rush and didn’t stop until after Christmas day!  Here’s a small snapshot of what happened to close out the year…..

Now with two gorgeous babies…it was beautiful to see how much Lenny had grown in 18 months and to meet his new baby sister.

On a beautiful Saturday, in early December, Melbourne turned on the most amazing weather (in amongst days of rain and wind) for the wedding of Michael and Kim.  What a beautiful setting , the results…..

Two cheeky boys and their Mum and Dad came on a cold wet day – but they still managed to have a bundle of fun jumping around and generally having a great time….

Another family returned this year for their Christmas photos.  A warm sunny day greeted us, so it was off to the park for some sun, fun and giggles….

Two superhero brothers joined me in the park for a an hour of high energy Christmas photos….

Another returning client brought with them a new addition of the blue kind, it was time to put Mitchell in front of the camera.  He was possibly the easiest subject of all time – what a little treasure…

Little Alley bought along her cheeky little brother Lucas and together we played hide and seek in the trees on a beautiful summer day…creating some gorgeous Christmas photos for doting Grandma’s and Grandpa’s…

The last booking of the year was for tiny little Jack – just 3 weeks old and too cute for words.  What a devine little creature…

Time to think about Christmas!!

October 12th, 2010

Yes it’s upon us again.  Time has passed quickly this year and all of a sudden it’s time to cast our thoughts towards Christmas.  As my studio will be closing at the end of the year NOW is the time to book in for those family or baby or couple portraits you’ve been meaning ‘to get around to’!!

Christmas is always a favourite time to have a portrait taken – it’s a fantastic Christmas gift and it can also be transformed into a beautiful presonalised Christmas card.  Essentially you can kill two birds with one stone – have those portraits done and create your Christmas cards (that’ll be the envy of everyone you send it to) all in one go.

So don’t delay, book in now and be ready for Christmas.


October 12th, 2010

July seemed to be the month of advertising – or a time for designers to get their new seasons styles out their to buyers!!

We had Acorn – a new Melbourne based designer with a fabulous range of beanies and scarves – all handmade, they’ll be available next winter – keep an eye out for them.

Followed by Peggy – now into her third summer showing – again this Melbourne based designer has sourced beautiful fabrics in stunning styles – a must for any little girls wardrobe.

Then Coco and Ginger with their new summer 10 range.

Back in June I photographed over 150 stunning dresses for a new company called Princess Threads – a beautiful idea of creating that dream party for every little princess.  Hire their dresses for all your party guests or buy one for your own gorgeous princess.  Some of the most amazing and elaborate ‘dress-ups’ I’ve ever come across – check them out at:


Something about Penny…..

July 21st, 2010

A gorgeous family with a pint size bundle of fun….Penny.  A fun time in the studio and out in the sunshine…exploring and laughing.

Webpages where you can see my work…….

July 17th, 2010



http://www.princessthreads.com (coming soon)



Paul and Melanie’s Wedding…

July 16th, 2010

A cool,damp and at times wet wintery day greeted a stunning bride at a small winery at the gateway to the Yarra Valley.  There were burst of brilliant sun, which seemed to come all at the right times……

Two little show stoppers….too cute for words…..