The past 9 months….

May 30th, 2010

March 10 – a fun family day in the park – lots of rough and tumble moments separated by precious family moments………

Feb 10 – continued with more busy times.

A gorgeous little boy all dressed up for his christening….

A wedding in the the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.  It rained lightly during the ceremony but stopped in time to capture some keepers in the gardens.  In a weeks time Melbourne would be treated to hail the size of golf balls and wind and rain not seen since who know’s when…I think in hindsight the bride was happy with light rain!!!

The inspiration behind this hour of fun and antics in the studio was a 40th birthday invitation.  The final result…….

The month began with 4 siblings recreating a childhood portrait.  They came (under duress) in the name of their parents.  They walked away with another time piece that will be cherished by their parents for another 30 years…or until they get together for another portrait sitting….maybe 50 years!!

Jan 10 – started with a rush.  The work came thick and fast, despite us having planned a four week beachside break.  However I did manage to combine the beachside break with some work breaks….before heading back to the studio.

A devine family captured here on their summer break – if every family had this much beauty inside and out the world would be a better place…

Summer and holidays also means it gives me time to put my girls in front of the camera to ensure I have some precious keepsakes of my own…

Back from the summer break and into the studio with the return of a past client with their new addition to the family.  I love welcoming back families that I haven’t seen for some time….seeing how the children have grown and meeting the newest addition to their families…it’s a priviledge more than a job…

CHRISTMAS 2009 – and before we knew it Christmas was upon us.  Really where does the time go?  Another Christmas, another opportunity to line my three beautiful girls up….the end result….

Dec 09 – One of my most unusual assignments to date ….but I must say one of the most rewarding.  The client had a vision of bringing this amazingly strong and beautiful tree from outside, in their front yard, to inside on their living room wall.  The finished, printed and framed pieces exceeded all expectations held by both myself and the client….the unspoilt beauty of nature…..stunning!!

Nov 09 – A beautiful wedding in a stunning setting.  The weather wasn’t promising us any favours – it rained all day except for the hour after the ceremony allowing us to venture outside and capture the love.

Oct 09 – Two gorgeous children and their beautiful Mum captured enjoying a precious few moments of joy together in the park……priceless!!!!


May 27th, 2010

Welcome to my ‘new’ blog.  Finally getting time to sit down and reflect on the year so far.  I had imagined I would start off this blog with a summary of 2009 but time has raced by and here we are nearly half way through the year.  What a year it’s been!  If the second half is as busy and fun as the first half then it’s going to be one big year.

Stay tuned for snippets of what’s been happening so far.